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Rumah Budaya Sumba

Lembaga Studi dan Pelestarian Budaya Budaya Sumba (Sumba Cultural Research and  Conservation Institute) is founded in 2011 by a redemptorist priest in order to save the tradition and heritage for the next generation and to introduce the world the richness of Sumba culture. Located in Weetebula, The South East Sumba, Rumah Budaya Sumba has more than 500 items artefak collections from all over Sumba island dated from 16th century. Never leaving Sumba without knowing this precious culture and history from Rumah Budaya. Find out more at Sumba Cultural Research and  Conservation Institute


Sumba offers the beauty of both nature and culture that will not enough to be explored within a day. To have a memorable stay with lot of wonderful experiences of Sumba, we provide two places of accommodations in the area. Rumah Budaya Sumba is featured with 6 units accommodations while the other accommodation is located near the Waikelo beach, the Redemptorist Villa offers 4 units of villa as well as the restaurant by the beach. For more information on the accommodation, please check further on:

How To Get to Sumba

Sumba is located in the eastern end of the Nusa Tenggara chain of islands in Indonesia. This beautiful island offers magnificent culture and view for everyone who visit the island. Though the island is considered to be natural and rural, the island can be easily reached by air or sea and is serviced by two airports and two harbors. Find out more about how to go to Sumba and how you should prepare your trip at TRAVEL ESSENTIAL




Find out more Sumba Story from Sumba – The Forgotten Island Book, authored by Priest Robert Ramone from Redemptorist Congregation.